Brand Philosophy


Ancient yet modern. Time-tested by nature and laboratory-approved. Effective. Environmentally-friendly. Functional.  Ethical. Nourishing. Honest. Based on Ayurveda and supported by science.

SOVA is care with a conscience. SOVA is luxury with a promise. A promise to blend beauty and care into your every day. A promise to be honest with you about what every SOVA bottle packs within. A promise to never hurt the environment, animals or your hair & skin in the process. A promise to realize the true potential of Ayurveda by enhancing its efficacy through safe, scientific ingredients. A promise to make you fall in love with your hair and skin again.

Each ingredient used by SOVA has been passed down through generations and is enriched by modern science. SOVA is specially crafted for today’s woman and is proud to be made in India. Inspired by local, with a purpose that’s global.


“Come join in the beautiful tradition of shringar.
Adorn your body like a temple.
Anoint it with nourishing oils and soothing balms.
Purify it with waters healed by herbs and roots.
Offer it the sweetest of fragrances.
Now it is ready for the goddess within, to shine.”