My information is wrong in my pan card ? How to edit it?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsMy information is wrong in my pan card ? How to edit it?
UrakaJames asked 2 weeks ago

I am getting pan card as wrong. It is not my pan card. Address details only matched for me. Other details are getting wrong. How to occur these mistakes in pan card? I have applied pan card for the purpose of buying jewelry. I have save my salary in bank. I need to withdraw the money and buy the jewelry also. Both activities are needed to submit the pan card. But my pan card is getting above errors. What can i do now? Did you have any other option for collect my money? If you have any other way possible means, post here. I am waiting for your reply here. My husband and my brother are guide for applying pan card as correct methods. I am also applying pan card online as correct information added. Why those wrong information added in my pan card. How to given my pan card to bank for collect my money? How to change the details in online.
i hope you are getting possible way for edit that. So please tell me the successful way to me. I am available in personal chat and mail. You can contact me as directly via mail. I will reply soon for your messages. I need some of main reason and other issues for wrong details entered for the pan card. I have chosen the good model and design for my jewelry set. I like that color and model also. My friend chosen for that design for me. It is really better and exact quality. Rate should be same for different types of gold shopping center. Please help me to get my amount from bank as soon as possible. I have ask the same questions and doubts in different social profile pages. More visitors are given their suggestions also