Binita Putcha

Sova’s products have become an essential part of my daily and weekly beauty regime. I love their Shea Butter & Kumari Body Lotion and the Bitter Orange Flower Hair Oil. I Love the fact that the products are all natural and not harsh on your skin and hair.
Binita Bodani Putcha
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Sheeza Pandey

Sova Products are gorgeous. Love both their hair oils. Must try them.

Nidhi Menon

Sova Hair Products which are Silicon free and Paraben free make ones hair strong and healthy. Lovely fragrances, sova is a brilliant product.

Gayathri Kumar

I bought the hair oil and its awesome.

Priyanka Shah

The Sova serum has reduced my hair frizziness.

Bhuvana Devi

I love the Sova Body Bliss.

Perfect gift for my friend.



Khurshid Merchant

Sova products are nice.The shampoo and conditioner have really helped reduce the frizz in my hair.I am very keen to buy more.

Sonali Mehta

I’m a regular user of sova products ever since it’s inception.I love them and am a loyal user of their shampoos and conditioner. I love the bringraj oil too and have used it sparingly due to cysteine in my hair. Keep up the quality.


Radhika Nag

Enjoyed all your products! Beautiful fragrances, all of them. They are soft and elegant.The mogra and olive oil is superb! The shea butter and Kumari body lotion is really lovely as well!

Ayesha Aleem

I needed specific Sova products for a friend’s birthday at short notice. I thought they would be available at a store near me when I was visiting Mumbai but the place didn’t have the complete stock. I took a chance and sent a direct message to Sova on Instagram telling them about my problem and they had a gorgeous Body Bliss box delivered to where I was staying within 24 hours. I was able to give it to my friend and she loved it. Hassle-free shopping experience that was so prompt and efficient, I’ll be buying plenty more Sova products and telling my friends to as well!

Ayesha Aleem, Journalist

Gayatri R Shah

Rarely does a product come along that combines the beauty and goodness of nature with the efficacy of science. What I love about SOVA is that it does precisely that. SOVA’s offerings  not only smell divine, they also make me feel wonderful. After using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, my hair feels restored and healthy. Not only have I switched completely to using SOVA, I am also gifting it to everyone I know because I love it so much. Do your hair a favor – try it!

Gayatri R Shah

Pratima Bhatia

As we grow older (of course i dont really mean me!), we crave all kinds of new times – me time,  quality time, quality me time!, unwind time, wild time, and then just time! For me now i have to add Sova time to this list. It’s the kinda me time every girl should have. Who ever thought that arduous task of putting a hair mask and waiting for hair to shine would be so sensory, relaxing and just indulgent. Sova has that incredible fragrance, texture once on my hair and feeling that makes you want those 20 mins of mask time to never end.

And then my hair shines and looks distangled and it all works too!

Double whammy! That beautiful cream box with dollops of hair mask is just magical. I love it in the box, on my hair and then after it washed off too!

Its just “Sovalicious

Pratima Bhatia

Priyanka Khanna

At the end of a long week, there’s nothing quite as relaxing and ritualistic as a Sunday hair oil massage. Sovas Brahmi and Hibiscus Hair Oil, is deliciously fragrant, and leaves my hair feeling lush. Not to mention, that it immediately transports me to a place of zen.

Priyanka Khanna
Associate fashion features director, Vogue India