SOVVA is the fruit of a grandfather’s love for his granddaughters. Today, it is a reliable beauty solution for the whole family developed by our whole family.

SOVVA today, is a brand being nurtured by Vasu Gandhi, her husband Chintan Gandhi and her father-in-law H.I. Gandhi, but the journey began with Vasu and her niece Sneha Jhaveri. 

Vasu Gandhi

I’m a fashion designer from FIT, New York. I’m also a mother to two beautiful girls and a firm believer in Ayurveda. However, with my demanding schedule, I was finding it impossible to give my girls and myself the attention our skin and hair needed. Store-bought products were a definite no for me, as they were loaded with harsh chemicals. There was nothing in the Indian or international market that felt safe for my kids.

Sneha Jhaveri

I make people fall in love with their hair over and over again. I have over 20 years of experience in the hair styling industry and I own Vous, a luxury hair salon in Mumbai. I’m also Vasu’s niece. I noticed that the hair products available in the market were doing more harm than good to my clients and I was sure there could be a better, safer and kinder solution.

H.I. Gandhi

I’m an entrepreneur with over 50 years of pharmaceutical, healthcare and Ayurveda experience. I am also Vasu’s father-in-law. When Vasu approached me, I wanted to create something precious and gentle for my granddaughters. We collaborated as a family and used our knowledge of Ayurveda and the latest available scientific research to develop new Ayurveda-inspired formulations in our labs. The result was a range of world-class Ayurveda x Innovation personal care products that we called SOVVA.

Chintan Gandhi

I’m a third-generation entrepreneur in the medical and alternative health industry with a business degree from Babson College, US. Along with my father H.I. Gandhi, I operate Millennium Herbal Care, where we research, develop, manufacture, and market highly therapeutic natural health and wellness products. You can find Millennium’s name on several category leading hair and skincare products recommended by the top hair and skincare experts.