Ayurveda - A Cure that comes from the Earth
SOVA was born out of a grandfather’s concern for his granddaughters. Anxious as any loved one would be of the chemically laden hair and skin products in the market that could potentially mar the quality of hair of his young grandchildren, he put to use his immense love, determination, wit and fifty years of pharmaceutical, healthcare and Ayurveda experience to create SOVA which is packed with the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients, proteins and tremendous care
We just couldn’t keep the fruits of this unconditional love to ourselves, and hence SOVA came into being decided to go internationally and share this purity of experience with every home that is concerned about their loved ones. Hence, SOVA is not just another luxury brand. It is affordable luxury specially created for the one’s you love and care. It’s an indispensable part of your daily care need.

Drawing deep inspiration from the science of Ayurveda, SOVA is relentlessly working towards bringing the beauty, benefit and goodness of Ayurveda to the forefront.It is high time, we awaken and tap into the treasures of Ayurveda and live a happy, healthy and carefree life as our forefathers did.