We take no chances.
The SOVA pledge is our promise to give you the BEST. In order to deliver the best of that value, SOVA doesn’t compromise. Whether it is painstakingly scoring through and choosing only the best natural ingredients, or investing in expensive formulations that are time consuming or whether it is maintaining lab safety standards, we push our boundaries, and don’t stop till we get it right.
Because when it comes to your skin and hair, we take NO CHANCES.

Our path is tough, yet we are determined. Ayurveda is the primary inspiration behind SOVA.
Ayurveda mentions the five Gyanindriyas that are the five senses classified as the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. With the unique blend of meticulously chosen ingredients, the texture and the transporting scent of each product, SOVA aims towards creating a unique tantalizing experience for your 5 senses.
In short, SOVA is an experience waiting to be felt and lived in every bottle.