We have only one Home – Earth
SOVA deeply draws its roots from the science of Ayurveda, which states that all of us, including Mother Earth is made up of the five Mahabhutas or elements that is, earth, fire, water, air and space.
Basically, we are not only connected to Earth, we are her
When our roots originate from such a deep source that strongly advocates the balance of the five elements for a healthy life, it is inevitable that we are strongly committed towards protecting our planet in all our endeavors.
All our ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable, hence we put it in a lot of research to give you a product that has the best combination of ingredients.

We deeply care for the animals therefore we don’t test on animals, we are 100% vegan brand. We care for the good health of our workers and therefore we follow GMP which makes sure that the workers are safe as is the product.
We are constantly innovating with new technologies to make SOVA as environmentally friendly as possible, and this has been an ongoing process, where we spend equal if not more time and effort brainstorming ideas that could help us lower our carbon footprint on all of our products and new innovations.
We are happy to share that our new size range of SOVA products, that is the 100 ml bottles are ‘pump free’ which further reduces plastic.